Urban drainage and sustainable stormwater management

The stormwater management has changed... 

Whereas in the past, the focus was on sewage discharge; today, the focus is on stormwater management. It is required to retain rainwater runoff as far as possible at the point of origin and reintegrate it into the water cycle. Technically, this is achieved, among other things, by local measures for retention and infiltration. 

For this purpose, DAR provides a wide range of engineering services, both in planning and execution, with the necessary special knowledge gained from many years of experience:  

  • Drainage master plan (GEP, in German), Wastewater disposal concepts (ABK, in German)
  • Work on measures for the removal of extraneous water
  • Sewer databases (sewer cadastre)
  • Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Hydrodynamic sewer network calculations, pollution load calculations
  • Advanced stormwater treatment (retention and infiltration systems, stormwater treatment basins, soil filters, among others)


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